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Jiufen TAIWAN - The land of wonders

11 August 2023

6am, I woke up, looking outside for the weather

Yesterday afternoon, a big rain was pouring the city

Also pouring my soul, is it gonna work tomorrow? This trip had been planned for a while

Thanksfully, It was a bright, sunny day. 

We met up at 7am at my office, and drove to the wonder land  Jiufen

Jiufen is one of the most popular traveling destination in Taiwan.

It gets its name from the original 9 families who settled in the village during the Qing dynasty, who asked for 9 portions of shipments every time they arrived (9Jiu=nine 份Fen=portion).

The discovery of gold in the area created a gold rush in the town that lasted until the last Japanese Era. the town began to decay while gold mining ended in 1971. 

After A City of Sadness was filmed there, the town began to see a tourist boom. Also the town began to see many visitors especially from Japan after 2001 due to the resemblance of the town in Spirited Away.

Jiufen sits on the side of a mountain near Keelung on the northern edge of Taiwan. On a sunny day, you can see Jiufen sitting on the mountain from Keelung or Su Ao.


Sometimes, people might need a break.

To better ourself, we need time to reset, usually when we are having a hectic schedule, the break would be a gift for exploring new ideas and insights.

The red lanterns reflects not only on history, but also memory for all the individuals who come here.

The last time I was here was 5 years ago, time flys, but memory connects the dots, all the scatter thoughts became so clear. 

Jiufen, the place of wondering with full spirituality, maybe its the true meaning of traveling, been to a place you had been before, but you have changed.

It was a bright and beautiful sunny day.


I was wondering and thinking

Now Blvd of God is at the stage of exploring and taking big adventure.

Different challenges but does not matter, I believe with the right mindset and great quality of products, all aspects of life will flourish.


Greg, 15 AUGUST 2023