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Buyanting Pavilion

11 am Friday morning 

Driving my A6 to Buyanting Pavilion.

Buyanting is a viewing pavilion in Ruifang District of New Taipei, amazing views of Shangxi and Ruifang Districts of New Taipei as well as Keelung City.

Driving offers sense of freedom and  isolation usually ignites some deep thoughts.

I kept thinking, how to make a great product, and at current what are the elements needed for a product to flourish.

Lots of thoughts came to my head.

Good quality fabrics are the foundations, beside that I think its the passions and visions a brand could bring to its people.

Our best selling leggings skin, is still evolving and improving every generations.

Panoramic with ultimate view and visions.

With a sense of isolation and willingness to face the unknown.


Dream big, dreaming big.

Aiming high, big dream guides life.


Greg, 15 AUGUST 2023