Blog about the brand

The process- Made in Taiwan

In August 2017

I had the idea to make leggings.

Prior making these leggings, I was working in a fabric company, building up great foundations and knowledge for the selection of our fabrics.

The materials we use from fabrics to garment factory are all made in Taiwan.

We believe great products flourish people's life.

In the beginning, I made 300 pairs of leggings, few garment factory agreed with that amount, but with limited budget and uncertainty for the future, that was what I could do.

In November 2017, I received these leggings and sold out in 3 weeks.

And the journey started.

Our product are made simple with depth.

And we believe the ultimate form of aesthetic are made with quality materials.

Quality has always been our main focus as we want to make products to 

enhance the quality of people's lifes.

If you wear something great and comfortable, your daily performance will be upgraded, both physical and mental, and you will also feel more confident with yourself.

Very quickly, 5 years passed.

Blvd is at the stage of reaching higher ground and looking for new platform to explore.

2023, we are doing popup to interact with our customers and meeting new people


If you have something you believe, go for it.

If you are not sure, just do it.

If you feel its gonna be difficult, trust yourself.


Talents and passions never fade away.


Greg, 18 July 2023